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It's 1984 Even If it's 2023

Posted by Sheridan England | Dec 06, 2023 | 0 Comments

It was only a matter of time before DC, VA, and MD law enforcement started combing resources.  Agencies are notoriously bad at cooperating with each other, but this time it's different.

LARGELY UNNOTICED ON TWITTER was the announcement that a Joint Task Force was being created so that cops can surveil the citizens "24/7."  

We can only imagine that the task force is not fully up and running yet since nobody stopped this guy from allegedly blowing up himself and his home with a FLARE GUN.

All the same, cops are getting serious.  Prosecutions are going up.  Watch your six.

Fun fact:  we had to google whether the title of this post should be "its" or "it's."  You can find the answer HERE if you're as bad a speller as we are.

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