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How to Win a Fairfax DUI

How to Win a Fairfax DUI.

You don't have to just plead guilty to a DUI.  Just because the cops say you're guilty doesn't mean that you are.  You can win your DUI case one of two ways:  convince the prosecutor to drop the case or win at trial.

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Asking nicely doesn't work.

"Knowing the Prosecutor" doesn't work.

"Playing golf with the judge" doesn't work.

Winning a Fairfax DUI takes real work.  

Necessary Steps to Help Win a Fairfax DUI.

Step one:  find the right attorney who KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE DOING.  Fairfax DUIs are no walk in the park.  There are no magic words a lawyer can say in court to just make the case go away. 

Step two: investigate and prepare.  Prosecutors usually just adopted what Fairfax police say in their reports.  If there's video footage at the scene of the arrest, carefully examining discrepancies in the police report and the footage is a must and can serve as the foundation for a winning defense.   If there's BLOOD ALCOHOL reports in the case, your lawyer should be ready to challenge any mistake that Fairfax police made in preparing those reports.   Even if the BAC is above the legal limit, that doesn't mean there aren't defenses that can be argued in Court.

Step three:  prepare for trial and testimony.  We don't want clients to testify unless it is absolutely necessary, but we prepare for it.  Remember:  the government has the burden of proof to convict.  You don't have to do anything.  But you should always prepare in case your testimony is needed.  Fairfax DUIs are often cases that turn on an officer's "opinion" about whether you were drunk.  They try to support their opinions by citing to field sobriety tests even though they don't know all of the science that goes into them.  

Step four:  prepare for legal defenses.  A violation of your constitutional rights could lead to the suppression of evidence the Fairfax prosecutors want to use against you.  This is more your Fairfax lawyer's job than yours, but you should talk about the legal defenses you may have with a Fairfax DUI lawyer while your case is pending.

There are no guarantees in life, but Fairfax DUIs can be won.  CALL TODAY if you're ready to fight your charges.

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