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So you've been arrested for a DUI/DWI in Washington, what?

What happens after I was arrested and processed at a Washington, D.C. precinct?

First things first, did they issue you a pink piece of paper that says, "Notice of Proposed Revocation"? If so, call us immediately so we can walk you through this. Your time is short before they revoke your license if you fail to respond. Every case is different, let us help you.


When is my first court date?

Usually, this is listed on the paper that they gave you as you were leaving the precinct. If you cannot find that paper or lost it, call us and we can help look you up in the online Washington, D.C. docket. 

Will everything be over after my first court date?

No, Washington, D.C. requires a mandatory 2nd court date. What happens in between your 1st court date and 2nd court date is really where DUI/DWI attorneys make their mark. Call us so we can discuss this!

Who are we?

Head attorney, Sheridan England, former Assistant United States Attorney, INTERPOL Fellow, and now a private practitioner. With the experience of numerous federal and international investigations, as well as years of experience representing those charged with DUI/DWI in Washington, D.C., you are in experienced hands. 


Aggressive Representation

When you hire S.L. England, we will assign your case to a seasoned trial attorney that cares about getting results. We represent our individual clients as aggressively as represent our corporate business clients. Check our reviews on Google and Yelp to see what our clients have to say. We look forward to representing you.


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