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The Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program, commonly known as VASAP, is an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  If you have a DUI, it is almost a certainty that you'll be enrolled in VASAP as a condition of you having the right to drive.

You can find their website HERE.

In 1986, the General Assembly established a Commission on VASAP to formulate and maintain standards to be observed by local ASAPs.  What does that mean?  Well, most jurisdictions in Virginia have their own VASAP program.  If you get a DUI in Prince William, for example, there's a VASAP window right there in the courthouse.  The same is true for Arlington.  If you get a DUI there, on the 5th floor of the courthouse is a VASAP office.  Other jurisdictions don't have this.  For example, for a DUI in Culpeper, you might be referred to a VASAP program in Manassas or wherever you live.  If you live in another state, like Maryland, you may be referred from VASAP to a program in your state.

The Commission is composed of 15 members who operated under Section 18.2-271.2 of the Code of Virginia.

One of the primary functions of the Commission on VASAP is overseeing Virginia's Ignition Interlock Program. There are currently three state-approved vendors in the Commonwealth to include Drager, LifeSafer, and Smart Start.  A copy of the Virginia interlock regulations can be found here.

Complying with VASAP's conditions is critically important if you want to stay out of jail.  Many DUIs have suspended sentences.  A suspended sentence is one where the judge will not throw you in jail, but can if you violate a term of VASAP.  If you violate a VASAP condition, a  SHOW CAUSE hearing may be scheduled.  Here, you will have to argue to the judge that you should not face additional penalties, including jail time.

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