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Fairfax DUI News

Posted by Sheridan England | Dec 05, 2023 | 0 Comments

Raise your hand if you knew Fairfax was both a a city and a county.

When we first moved to Virginia, we didn't know that.  And we certainly didn't know that Fairfax City had it's own courthouse right near by the Fairfax County Courthouse.  But we do know, as we've defended DUIs in both Fairfax City and Fairfax County, as well as other courts in Northern Virginia like Alexandria.

According to this ARTICLE a man was arrested in Fairfax City for DUI and held on a secure bond.  A secured bond is imposed by a magistrate and requires you to pay money to get out of jail.  The Virginia State Crime Commission (VSCC) gives a nice summary about the different types of bonds HERE.  Personal recognizance means you're released on your promise to return.  An unsecured bond is similar, but if you don't show up to court you're going to get hit with a financial penalty.  Neither PR nor unsecured bond require any financial conditions to be met before a person is released. A secured bond, however, requires a financial condition to be met before a person can be released. A secured bond can be posted by (i) paying the total amount of the bond in cash, (ii) allowing the court to obtain a lien against personal property, or (iii) utilizing a surety on the bond, who is most commonly a bail bondsman.

Fairfax City (and County) are treating DUIs seriously.  If you're facing any kind of charge and need to get bonded out, let us help you connect with a bail bondsman so you can get out and start preparing the defenses to your case.

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