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Fairfax DUI Manslaughter

Posted by Sheridan England | Mar 03, 2024 | 0 Comments

In tragic news, we follow up on a story we previously covered.

According to REPORTS, 17-year-old young man was arrested for DUI-related manslaughter and maiming in a November 2023 crash that killed one teen and seriously injured four others in Fairfax County.  It's alleged that the driver struck a tree, seatbelts weren't worn,  and that's what caused the injuries.

What can be made of this?  

First, Fairfax PD investigate this case quite a bit.  We're in March 2024 so over 3 months have passed.  In DUI fatalities, Virginia law enforcement will do more than just rely on an officer's opinion of intoxication.  They can try to get data from the car.  In the world of increasingly computerized vehicles, speed and driving history can be recovered from some cars.

Second, Fairfax's case isn't quite a slam dunk.  THEIR OWN WEBSITE is asking for people to come forward with information about the case.  They're even offering cash rewards.  One wonders why they would still be looking for witnesses after the fact unless there was some weakness in this case.

Cases like these have impacts on other DUIs.  Prosecutors are reluctant to offer "sweetheart" deals in DUIs when a fatal DUI is fresh in the public's mind.

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