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Don't Use Your Phone

Posted by Sheridan England | Nov 30, 2023 | 0 Comments

Yahoo reports that a young lady got arrested for a DUI after she couldn't recite the alphabet.  Watch the video HERE.  The reporting degenerated into thinly suggestive remarks about the young lady's eligibility for a partner, which while good for click bait isn't too terribly informative to the reader.

Here's something that's informative for our blog readers:  don't open your phone to make a phone call if you're under arrest.  Why?  Because once you do the police might try to take your phone and look for more evidence against you.  Were you texting and driving?  Do you have pictures of yourself in compromising positions with corpses like THIS GUY?  If you open your phone, the police may get access to that information.

There's more an experienced attorney can tell you about this video.  

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