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But Wait! Don't you only do DUI? No. Our civil cases are getting attention.

Posted by Sheridan England | Jul 25, 2023 | 0 Comments

SL here, blogging directly today.

We pride ourselves on our DUI work in Washington, DC and Virginia that's for sure.  But that's not all we do.

Virginia Lawyer's Weekly just featured a civil breach of contract case we fought tooth and nail all the way to trial.

It's nice to know that the complexity and my work is noteworthy enough to get published.  They didn't tell me about it, and I didn't pay to have myself featured.   Truthfully, I didn't even know about this until just now because I was busy working hard for my other clients.  But take a look at what Virginia Lawyer's Weekly said about the case.  If you're having a hard time understanding it, don't worry.  It was super complicated but I'll explain it to you if you want.  

I was a Department of Justice ("DOJ") trial attorney and Assistant US Attorney.  I've handled all kinds of things from personal injury, Indian land rights, lawsuits against cities and counties, and qui tam (false claims). But you probably didn't find us on Google because you wanted to sue an entire county.  Maybe you need someone to handle a breach of contract lawsuit for you, or to fight off a bad contract you might have signed.   Give me a call.  If I can't help you I might know someone who can.

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