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Breastfeeding = Fentanyl Death?

Posted by Sheridan England | Dec 10, 2023 | 0 Comments

Tragic news in Spotsy.  According to REPORTS, a 9-month-old girl died with fentanyl in her system on Sunday.  Two family members, both women, have been charged with murder in connection with her death. 

It appears that on Dec. 1, the 911 Spotsylvania phone operators received a call about a 9-month-old child who stopped breathing.  First responders were on scene within a minute and provided first aid. They took the child to an area hospital, authorities said. She was later flown to VCU Children's Hospital in Richmond.  The reports further note that detectives with the Child Victims Unit learned from doctors that the infant tested positive for Fentanyl and was in critical condition.  Tragically, the infant died.

If true, how did fentanyl end up in the baby's system?  Either by direct feeding (e.g. a spoon) or by breast feeding.  If the latter, this raises significant questions about whether women with drug addiction issues can be prosecuted for naturally feeding their children.  There are no laws against breast feeding when addicted to substances that we know of.

We will follow this story.

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