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Fairfax DUI Charged as Manslaughter

Posted by Sheridan England | Oct 18, 2022 | 0 Comments

Not all DUIs are equal. Some people even wonder what the meaning of a DUI is.

Fairfax prosecutors have been accused of being too soft on crime.  We're not so sure this is right.  As a general matter, prosecutors in Fairfax won't try to wreck your life for smoking a little weed, but that doesn't mean it's a great place to be accused of other crimes, especially DUIs.

Case in point: the Fairfax Commonwealth Attorney's Office just indicted a DC resident with felony manslaughter in connection with a DUI.

The accused is facing up to 20 years on this case, with a mandatory minimum of one year.  Involuntary manslaughter is found at VA Code 18.2-36.1.

According to reports, the accused is also being held without bond.  One day soon, we'll tell you a bit about speedy trial in Virginia.  Suffice it to say here:  the prosecutors can try to hold the accused in jail for up to 5 months before they take the case to trial.  As you might imagine, unless you're uber rich, 5 months in jail while presumed innocent and waiting for trial  would probably cause you to lose your job, apartment, etc.

If you're facing a DUI in Fairfax, don't believe the hype that they go soft on crime.  They don't.  If you need a lawyer for DUI in Fairfax, give us a call.

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