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Chat GPT for your DUI Case? Well....

Posted by Sheridan England | May 28, 2023 | 1 Comment

We're fortunate to have good word of mouth for our DUI cases.  Whether you're facing charges in DC or Virginia, you might have heard about us from a friend.  We're also fortunate to have people find us online.  Potential clients read our blogs (and other lawyers' blogs too) and are well informed by the time we sit down to talk.  But as we've always said, "Google isn't the same as an experienced attorney."

We'd now like to amend that.  "Chat GPT isn't the same as an experienced attorney."

Case in point, the BBC is reporting that a lawyer's in a bit of a trouble for using Chat GPT to provide legal arguments.  Here's the story:

Here's your summary:  a lawyer uses ChatGPT to research a legal issue.  No, it wasn't a DUI.  Chat GPT told him there were some cases he could use in support of his arguments.  Having used ChatGPT ourselves, we know that it often has disclaimers for certain searches, but we're told from other sources that the lawyer followed up with ChatGPT to ask whether the cases it was giving him was real.  According to the lawyer, he apparently says that ChapGPT confirmed that the cases were real.

Turns out the cases weren't real.  

Here's the thing.  We understand how a lawyer looking to use cutting edge technology could make this kind of mistake.  We're all so used to using technology to research legal arguments.  We use it too.  And yes, AI is all the rage right now.  But at least until SKYNET takes over, you still need people with real world experience to handle your legal problems.  We're real world people, so give us a call no matter what your legal issue is.  

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Cherron Ezell Reply

Posted Jun 02, 2023 at 14:42:32

Great article, I especially love the movie reference!!

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