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Best DUI Lawyer in DC.

Posted by Sheridan England | Jan 03, 2022 | 0 Comments

So you've been charged with a DUI and you're looking for the best DUI lawyer in Washington, DC.  We think we're pretty good at what we do, so call us for a free consultation and we'll tell you how we fight for our clients.  Our DC office number is:  202-489-0720.

But if you're not ready to talk to a lawyer and you're just googling around to do some DUI defense research, here's seven questions you can ask any reputable lawyer when you're ready to make calls to help decide who the best DUI lawyer in DC for you will be.

Seven Important Questions To Ask Your Lawyer!

1.  Have you ever done a DUI trial?  (Hint:  we have.)

2.  Have you ever won a DUI trial?  Like, really really won?  Like, not guilty on all counts won?  (Hint:  we have.)

3.  Do you have any prosecution experience? (Hint:  we do.)

4.  Can you represent me at the DMV if they're trying to take away my license with a Notice of Proposed Revocation? (Hint: yep.)

5.  Do you know the prosecutors and judges? (Hint:  we do, but don't let anyone convince you that they have a special relationship with a prosecutor or judge that is going to guarantee you a particular result.  The justice system doesn't work like that.) 

6.  Can I have your direct number so I can speak to you about my case and not an assistant? (Hint:  you'll get the personal cell of your attorney when you hire us.)

7.  Are you going to force me to take a plea?  (Hint:  we never do.)

There's so much more you can ask in finding the best DUI lawyer in DC for you.  Choosing your lawyer is a personal decision that you'll want to carefully consider.  Schedule a free consultation to discuss your case, and let us show you why our DUI clients have given us 5 star reviews on Google.  

Our DC office number is:  202-489-0720.

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