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BEST DUI Lawyer in Alexandria: Know Your Area.

Posted by Sheridan England | Jan 07, 2022 | 0 Comments

If you're here because you're looking for the best DUI lawyer in Alexandria, we've got some things you might want to consider. 

Alexandria is a great place to live.  We know because we live here.  It's also a great place to visit. There are many of bars and restaurants in Old Town, as well as a number of neighborhood bars close to (what used to be Landmark).  With all these great places to relax, however, Alexandria police are all too happy to be on the look out for DUIs.  Here are a couple of the most common areas of DUI enforcement in Alexandria.

Old Town Alexandria

King Street is a major hub for Alexandria night life.  Some of our favorite places to go are: Basin Street Lounge, Bugsys, Rock it Grill, and O’shannesey’s.  As a result, the police are always out looking to stop motorists on suspicion of DUI.  Typically, officers will pull drivers over for a relatively minor offense like failing to signal or swerving in a lane.  These kinds of offenses are all too common because the streets in Old Town are narrow, people double park to pick up and drop off, and a number of the restaurants now have tables in the street due for outdoor dining.  Of course, the APD are often out in Old Town Alexandria near closing time for the bars.   If you're on King Street between 9pm and 2am, chances are you'll see a police car driving through the area or parked near the Torpedo Factory.


Duke Street runs all the way through Alexandria, is home to a number of bars and restaurants.  Some of our favorites are Shooter McGees, Fat City Kitchen, and Los Toltecos.  In recent years, traffic enforcement down the Duke Street corridor his gone up.  The City of Alexandria has put up speed cameras everywhere, and the maximum speed on Duke Street is now 35 MPH.  Why is this important?  Because Alexandria Police can pull you over even if you're going just a little bit over 35MPH.  If they do, they will almost definitely start asking you questions related to DUI, drinking and driving, and whatever else they can think of.

As you think about who the best DUI attorney would be in Alexandria to represent you, ask yourself:

Does my lawyer know the area?   (Hint: we do.)

Does your lawyer know the common excuses Alexandria Police use to pull drivers over (Hint:  we do.)

So who is the best DUI attorney in Alexandria?  At minimum, that lawyer should probably know a thing or two about Alexandria.  Call us today and put our knowledge to the test.  If we can't answer every question you have regarding your case, then we probably won't be the best choice for you.  But we're pretty good at answering questions, so we're not afraid to be put to the test.  

A DUI in Alexandria can be serious, so dial 202-489-0720 to get through to our Alexandria office.  

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